Exciting news! The P’s & Q’s play The Great American Music Hall 9/1/16

  Join us for a very special night at The Great American Music Hall! The P’s & Q’s hit the big time with The Earl Brothers and Uke-Hunt. We’ll be busting out the theremin, electric guitars and some trippy beats along with our old standards for an edgy show that can’t be missed. If you see one P’s & Q’s show this year, this is the one to be at! Help us out by spending the word and bring as many people as you can- we need your support! Can’t wait for this night! Ticket contest to come, check out our Facebook.

Join us at The Lost Church July 30th, 2016

Come and join us for an intimate night of music at The Lost Church. The P’s & Q’s join band member, Audrey Howard, and friend, Kim Lembo, for a show that promises to generate peace, love and happiness. We’ll be sharing some new songs and hope you’ll be there to hear their debut. It’s a small venue, so get your tickets early at Ticketfly. Tickets are $10 advance or $15 at the door. Hope to see you there!!

Sunday Show 6/12 – 1:00pm! Jane Warner Plaza- Castro and Market SF, CA

Hi y’all! How’s the summer treating you? We have all been super busy movin’ & shakin’ our way through May. Now it’s time to get her together and have some fun in the sun (hopefully). But we’ll have fun either way! We’re ready to stomp and hollar in The Castro. Join us this Sunday at Jane Warner Plaza (little street park at Market and Castro). We play 1:00 -2:00 and hope to bring our special P’s & Q’s love to the rainbow neighborhood. We’d love to see you there! Bring the kids and dogs and partners, it’s outside and all ages and in the day time (gasp). We miss you!

Slim’s Contest – 2 Tickets for You!

  So here’s the deal- we need your help and  in return one of you will win 2 tickets to our show. We would love to enhance our social media audience and you can help us out by following us on Twitter – @ThePsandQsmusic. Once you do that, tweet the answer using #thepsandqsmusic to this question: Which  of the instruments below has someone from the P’s & Q’s played on stage?

  • A: The Harmonica
  • B: Fireplace Pokers 
  • C: A Saw
  • D: All of the above

We are extending the contest throughout the weekend!

A winner will be chosen at random from those who answered correctly. We will announce the winner tomorrow. 

Join Us At Slim’s! 

  We are pleased to let you know about our upcoming show at Slim’s. The P’s & Q’s will headline at a female Americana band showcase. Thursday April 28th is the day and doors open at 7:30. You can get tickets for $13 at the door but might want to get yours ahead of time. We are so excited to be playing at this venue, it’s kinda a big deal for us, and we really want to show we can bring people to the show so please come and support us and tell your friends. We want you there so bad and we’d love to have you there as our guest so check our Facebook page over the next few weeks to win a pair of tickets. In addition to seeing us play, you’ll have a chance to see a bunch of other really neat local performers. 

Germinating Not Hibernating

Hi y’all,

Long time, no see. Seriously, we’re sorry. Sometimes in life you’re better at attending to the details than others. But, we had a detail or two to share with you now so, here we are.

First of all, we want to thank those of you who showed up to our CD release at Amnesia in December. Not only was it, hands down, one of the best shows we’ve had, but we tickled the fancy of a fellow musician and he might or might not have invited us to play a show at The Great American Music Hall. Yeah, I know. More details as they unfold but, dear fans, we’ll need as much support as possible to make this show a success. (Cue you showing up!). Anyway, we sure had a great time at Amnesia and were honored to help them christen their new space. And to all of you who danced your fool a**es off, you are THE BEST.


Picture by Bronwyn Dexter

Thank you also to The Muddy Roses for helping us out! Y’all were awesome.


Picture by Bronwyn Dexter

We can’t wait to see you again soon. Speaking of. . .

Our next show is coming up. Come on out and join us at El Rio for Queer Country West Coast. We will be playing with Eli Conley and Dillybilly+friends Please come and support queer artists in San Francisco! We want you. We need you! WE LOVE YOU! Hang out with us and sing along. To tempt you, we will refer back to our blog title – Germination not Hibernation. Yes, if you’ve guessed what that means, you’re probably right: NEW MUSIC. Well, one song at least will be ready for the show, though we have a whole notebook of new stuff just waiting to find their cowboy themed sweater vests and step up on stage. But, we can promise at least one new song. Hold us to it, ok? Also, as a special treat, we have a super-dooper substitute bass player for the show. One Drew Althoff. And he plays ELECTRIC bass. Think on that a while, will ya? Yeah, it’s gonna be cool. Can’t wait to see you there.

Ok, one last tidbit. The Bay Area Reporter ran an article about Eli Conley and the show in this week’s paper. Thanks to a shout out from Eli, we have some new press to add to the list. Check out the Bay Area Reporter article. Here’s a link to the online version. And thanks ELI!


Feature in the Bay Area Reporter Week of Friday Feb. 17th

All right Ladies, Gents and all points in between, we’ll see you next Friday at El Rio. Tell the door person secret password: MISS MAJOR and something will happen, just not sure what…but it will let them know you’re with us!


XXOO – The P’s & Q’s