Our Points of Quintessence 


Getting off the plane in Detroit to start the tour.

Wow, the last two weeks have passed in a flash! We had an amazing time on our tour, met a whole lot of amazing, supportive folks, heard some great music and found ourselves exploring many new places (and loving each one). 

We had lofty plans for keeping up the blog during the tour but due to exhaustion, motion sickness and crappy cell service, we didn’t manage to accomplish it. However, over the next few days, I hope we can capture the best moments and put them down so we can keep them fresh in our memories as well as share them with our fans and supporters. 

To all of you who donated to our tour: Thank you! Thank You! Thank You!! We are so lucky! We did our very best to make you proud!

P speaks:

Q and & headed back to SF today. I can already feel their absence in my heavy heart. Being on tour is interesting like that – you start to become like a little family, both your conscious and the subconscious start orbiting each other. You laugh at the same silly stuff. You develop band speak relating to things you experienced on the road. You learn new and interesting things about one another that are piqued by sites on the road, songs that are played, food that is eaten. You get annoyed at stupid things and see up close how the others deal with the stresses of sleep deprivation and road weariness. And in the end you LOVE even more deeply because of sharing all those little moments. So, now I have to readjust to life without my girls to talk with, play music with and laugh with at any given moment of the day. It feels good to know I have some downtime coming up but I also know I’m going to miss touring like crazy. It was pretty darn epic.  I can’t imagine two better women to share this journey with.

Our last show at The Old Miami in Detroit part 2.


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