Points of Quintessence – day 1 & 2 

Ok, touring has already been a blast. Not only did we kick off the tour with an intimate backyard house concert complete with fire pit and stars but we’ve already had a few firsts. 




 First #1 – an interpretive dance done al fresco to Right Bark. I kid you not, it was incredible and inimitable! Thanks to Karey and Judy for this wonderful experience. 






 First #2 – we happened upon the Airstream Trailer factory randomly on 1-75. Did you know it was in Ohio? We didn’t! It was a pleasant surprise and we honored serendipity with a photo shoot. 


mike Johnson unleased playing on the street while his band is on stage

 First #3 – The P’s & Q’s opened up for their first Punk band Two Years Later from Columbus, OH. We shared the bill at a great bar, Third St. Dive, in Louisville, KY!  

  Next stop, Knoxville for another first – a radio interview and live performance. Catch us on the internet broadcast radio Monday morning for The Blueplate Special on WDVX 12:00 noon ET, 9:00 AM PT…tune to www.wdvx.com on the internet to listen in! 


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