Schoolhouse Rock or “You don’t need power to turn us on”…

While the day started out with a minor disaster (P’s car, our touring van, flooding with water), we managed to make the best of it and rock The Hoot, a open mic east of Portland. Mel hooked us up with this very sweet local music scene and we were welcomed with open arms. It was so windy during the day that the power had gone out. The people running The Hoot brought in a generator and had the music up and running by the time we got there.

After a few bands player and & and Q took a turn on the dance floor, we were up. With the magic that each of us posses as our fantasy characters, we stepped on stage and magically made the  lights come back on. Leave it to the P’s & Q’s to affect the elements. We played a short set and then Mel went on for her set. A beautiful thing happened as she played and slowly different musicians came up to sit in with her. We left with hearts full to bursting.

Man down

All ready to go in Beast

Beauties and the Beast

The schoolhouse where The Hoot was put on

A girl can dream (about touring vans)

Boot Scootin’

Set list (though we subbed Extra, Extra for Miss Feb)

Another band performing at The Hoot

& and Q do the two-step

Oh the Wind and Rain

& steps in to play with Mel

A bunch more musicians follow suit


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