Friends and Family and Fireplaces, oh my!

Our house retreat at the McFarland’s went swimmingly well! We were happy and excited to welcome so many people – a rough head count yielded 60 friends and family! Wow! Pizza and pints met our soon to be fans and they were on the edge of their seats waiting for the music to begin!

The P’s & Q’s, Mel and P’s cousin, Myi warmed up downstairs.

We decided to do a round of two shorter sets each. Mel began and promptly charmed everyone!

Mel charms the crowd

We closed with a smokin’ hot rendition of The Hunted. P on the saw, Q on the fiddle and & on the guitar paint a haunting picture that caused a few chills throughout the audience. It was so hot in fact that the fire alarms couldn’t stand it and started screeching. None of the guests moved from their seat and, instead, cheered for the music to continue through the sound. Luckily, besides the side of a plastic cooler, nothing was harmed. It was a pretty darn exciting night.

P’s cousin, Myi, joined us for a few numbers and pretty much stole the night with his cool, composed demeanor. We wanted to take him with us!

Thank you family and friends who came and made this a very special night! And an extra special thanks to Donna and Corry McFarland for offering their house and putting so much effort into hosting 60 people! Our gratitude also goes to Myi Rawson for sitting in with us and Mama Jo for  helping out in so many ways throughout the day


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